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Carbonne in France

Carbonne is situated 40 kilometres from Toulouse, one hour from the Pyrenees, halfway between the Atlantic and Mediterranean shores.

Carbonne enjoys a pleasant climate resulting from various influences. The town covers 2659 hectares spread aroud the Garonne valley and has 4458 inhabitants.


Situated in a bend of the Garonne at the confluence of the Arize, Carbonne is able to strike a balance between past and present. The city is the seat of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Volvestre which includes 27 municipalities in three cantons.

Carbonne has many facilities: schools, college, recreation center, nursery school, swimming pool, library, retirement homes, cultural center, sports fields and gymnasiums.

Monmouth Twin Town - Carbonne

Carbonne was destroyed in the thirteenth century by the troops of Simon de Montfort, and a century after the Prince of Wales, the Black Prince, burned the city that had been rebuilt.

In the nineteenth century Carbonne was a large agricultural town with thriving markets, which grew almost continuously in particular thanks to its title of capital of Canton (1790) and the railway station, which dates from 1860.

Monmouth Twin Town - Carbonne

Starting from the second half of the twentieth century, it has attracted many small businesses, who, with a network of artisans and merchants, have boosted the local economy and attracted people in search of services and shops. Today, Carbonne advantage full advantage of the relative proximity of the Toulouse (40 km) while maintaining a quality environment that is attractive.