The Monmouth App


The Monmouth App is an Android mobile phone app aimed at providing mobile uers with useful information about Monmouth and the surrounding area.

The app is an on-going project, being frequently updated and improved.

Google's Android Operating System is fast becoming the premiere choice for smart phones providing a rich and useful user experience with an enormous market of available apps to download (often free).


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Visit the Android Market To download The Monmouth App for free.


The Monmouth QR App

With the rise of cyber-crime related to the use of QR Codes, Monmouth QR has been developed by The Monmouth Website for users of the Monmouthpedia QR Codes dotted around the town of Monmouth.

Monmouth QR scans the QR Code and checks that it holds a valid Wikipedia or Monmouthpedia web address. If the web address is valid Monmouth QR displays the web page scanned. If the web page is not a valid address the user is presented with the option of continuing to the address or cancelling the request.

Monmouthpedia QR Code App Monmouthpedia QR Code App

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Visit the Android Market To download The Monmouth QR App for free.


Monmouth Media

Monmouth Media

Monmouth has a rich history of media and arts around town.


Take a look at our gallery of photographs from Monmouth and the surrounding area here.


View our videos of Monmouth and get a feel for this beautiful town and the amazing countryside surrounding it here.


For an excellent cinema experience we recommend The Savoy Theatre in Church Street, Monmouth.

The Blake Theatre also has a film club that is seriously worth checking out.


Music is alive and kicking in Monmouth with several venues providing quality entertainment. On top of that there is the yearly Monmouth Festival that provides the town with entertainment day and night for a couple of weeks in the summer.

Some venues worth checking out are The Nags Head, The Gate House and The Punch House.


There are many drama groups, catering for young and old, producing performing arts programmes throughout the year. Check out the events page for listings.


Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley provide an excellent backdrop for painters of all ages and talents. Whether your choice is watercolour, oil or pencil, the dramatic scenery provides plenty of material to inspire.

For more information please check out the events page for listings.


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