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The Naval Temple

Naval Temple MonmouthDesigned to perpetuate the memory of many victorious admirals, construction began in 1800 with the foundation stone being laid on the second anniversary of the Battle of the Nile. A painting of the battle originally decorated the arch and the monument was guarded by four guns and surmounted by the figure of Britannia. Today, it is the property of The National Trust.

The proposals for a 'naval temple' at Kymin Hill, Monmouth to commemorate Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile, 1st August 1798 form an unique set of thirteen drawings in total. They display small porticoed buildings with stone benches and fenestrated octagonal and round towers in several simple and elaborate styles. A circular pavilion was eventually selected, erected in 1800 and dedicated to the Dutchess of Beaufort, daughter of Admiral Boscawen.

Naval Temple Monmouth

Lord Nelson, accompanied by Sir William Hamilton was entertained at the site to a breakfast by the Mayor and Corporation of Monmouth in August 1802. The pavilion was restored in 1882. High, conical Kymin Hill with its prospect of the Wye Valley and its environs is now owned by the National Trust.

Naval Temple Monmouth