Places of Interest

Geoffrey's Window

Geoffrey of MonmouthLocated in part of the old Priory buildings, the window was, in fact, installed some three centuries after Geoffrey's death. It is, nonetheless, an exquisite oriel window surmounted by battlements and flanked by fearsome gargoyles. Three heads in red sandstone represent the Knight, the Angel and the Miller, who could well have stepped out of the pages of Chaucer.

Benedictine monks founded the Priory at Monmouth, nearly one thousand years ago, with the intention of building a place of prayer, study and hospitality.

geoffrey3The Old Priory buildings were once part of the Benedictine house and are traditionally connected with Geoffrey of Monmouth whose History of the British Kings chronicles the coming of Christianity, the departure of the Romans, and the legends of King Arthur. The building's beautiful oriel window with its castellated battlements is known as Geoffrey's Window.

Since Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, the building has undergone many changes and suffered periods of neglect. Remodeled as Priory Street School in the nineteenth century, the fabric reached the state where a schoolmaster remembers teaching from the shelter of an umbrella to protect himself from water pouring through the classroom roof.