Monmouth People First

Learning Disability MonmouthMonmouth People First meet regularly at least once a month in the Kymin Lounge, Bridges Community Centre in Monmouth.

We are an independently funded group facilitated by 3 volunteers with a background of working within the field of Learning Disabilities.

We have 14 fully involved members who are building their skills in self-advocacy and benefitting from growing confidence by taking on meaningful roles within their group:


  • Learning MonmouthThree members chair the meetings in turn
  • One member is in charge of the petty cash
  • One member is our Publicity Officer – who produces easy read leaflets, questionnaires and the minutes of the meetings. She will, in the future, be training our other members to use our fully adaptive computer equipment and laptop.
  • One member is in charge of refreshments
  • Two members regularly attend the Stakeholders Advisory Group meetings to represent themselves and other members.

Our MISSION is to promote empowerment and inclusion. We want all adults with a learning disability in Monmouth to feel confident within their community, to be able to control their own lives and make their own decisions, with the help and support of the people they trust.

We are members of these voluntary organisations:

  • All Wales People First
  • GAVO
  • Learning Disability Wales

We are working jointly with other local people with learning difficulties on an information leaflet for the local authority.

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