Corporate Business Tactics in Monmouth

Book Shops in MonmouthIn a close-knit, small town like Monmouth we have a thriving, friendly business community that runs quite smoothly. Monmouth has several small businesses that are part of the fabric of the town and add to that certain quality that makes Monmouth an interesting, enjoyable place to live or visit.

We were surprised recently to find out that one of these local businesses was under direct threat from a competitor when we learned a new book shop was opening right next door to Stephens Book Shop in Church Street.

Rossiters worked for Waterstone's for 20 years and appears to have lost none of the competitive streak that city businesses utilise to get ahead. However it's a different matter when employing that kind of attitude in a small town!

One can't help feeling that this is a deliberate attempt to poach custom from another small business at a time when everyone is struggling to keep afloat and although not an illegal act of any sort the morality of it is obviously questionable. Do we want this kind of aggresive business in our town?

Stephens Book Shop is an institution in Monmouth and is one of a dying breed of small shops where you can go in and explore the nooks and crannies and find real hidden literary gems! The shops owners are very friendly and always willing to offer advice or just chat about books.

The local economy is hard enough these days without local businesses resorting to these kind of underhand methods to get customers!

Book Shops in Monmouth
Stephens Book Shop